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Man That’s Handy Prices



Email us


Most of the time a fairly accurate and free estimate of the time needed to do a job will be given via email. All you need to do is write a list of what you need doing, attach any relevant photos and email them to us. Once we have reviewed it we will be able to give you a good idea of what it is likely to cost.


Handyman work


Below are our hourly rates and applicable to all jobs. However as we are based in Hampton and travelling can take a long time, different areas have a minimum hourly requirement in order for us to come there.  So please check your area to see what our minimum time required is. If you can be flexible, we may be able to do away with the minimum time requirement if we are already working in your area on that day. So drop us an email and we can try and accommodate your work.


But basically our pricing is as follows

£45 for the first hour then

£22.50  for each half hour thereafter

£260 for a full days work at 8 hours of work plus 1/2 hour of lunch ( 8:30am-5pm )


Materials and parking are additional if required.

It is always best for you to source the materials for the odd jobs you need us to do. However, Man Thats Handy  are more than happy to source materials for you.


You will be billed for the cost of the materials plus 15% as well as the sourcing time required for getting the materials. Our Handyman carries a wide range of stock needed for the most common jobs, so we will generally have what we need on site.


We work Monday to Friday. We start our appointments at 8:30am. The last 1 hour appointment is at 4:30pm.


Payment will be taken at the end of the visit and can be made by cash, cheque or internet transfer (if we have worked with you before).


Painting work


If you would like painting work done we offer a free estimate. Just email us your details and we will come around and give you a quotation. Don’t worry painting quotes work out a lot cheaper than our daily handyman rate.